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"Don't hesitate talk to Angela ASAP! After many years in my overly stressful career, Angela found me and offered to serve as a franchise consultant for me. I was initially very hesitant and highly skeptical. But I quickly found I was not talking to a salesperson, but rather a kind, knowledgeable, patient, and supportive adviser for one of the most important decisions of my life! Angela's background as a therapist allowed her to form a robust understanding of what drives me and how I find satisfaction in what I do. She used that information to match me with many great franchises, including one particularly amazing one that I joined several months ago. I am overjoyed to be a member of my new franchise, and I find every little thing I do throughout my workday to be motivating and rewarding! This was an enormous and altogether positive change in my life! Thanks to my fortunate choice to say YES to Angel's offer to discuss my future with her, my life has changed leaps and bounds for the better. Angela and I still talk regularly even though the business of our relationship is done because I immensely trust her wisdom and experience and I value her advice and her kind, supportive demeanor. Don't pass up the chance to improve your life with Angela's guidance!"